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1001 Messiahs
I suppose I was born to this office.I sometimes wonder if I had choices to make or that I was just along for the ride on this giant
wave.I now realize we all have choices to make and that it is a constant battle !
Should I choose to do good or bad?Should I fight this battle or withdraw?These choices are what defines who we are.
Can we can lose some battles and still win the war?If we lose the war what is at stake?Is it not our very souls?Do we want to dwell
with Jeremiah,Isaiah,Elijah(John the Baptist),and our Messiah?Or would we rather be with Hitler,Stalin,Legion,and the evil one?
Does anyone really believe that we can go through life trusting that our Messiah will see us through without us having to make
decisions of our own?
The very first choice or decision we have to make if we declare ourselves a "Christian" is what do I BELIEVE about our Messiah ?Is
it just enough to believe in Him?Who is He?Where did He come from?What did He tell me to do?How do I love Him with all I am?
What choices and decisions am I going to make?Well He make them all for me?Do I have free will?How well He judge me?Well I
be worthy?Well I find favor in His sight?Or well most of my decisions condemn me in His sight?
Decisions!!!!!! What are my choices?Where do I start?In the beginning the Messiah created the heavens and the earth. He formed
man from the dust of the earth and breathed life into his nostrils and he became a living soul. This is a good place to start. Where
our Messiah created man. Yet,he was incomplete. He was clothed in the skin of an animal(Was it a lamb?) and cast out of Eden.
Our Messiah loves us all.  He wants us all to succeed and to return from where we were cast out of. He gives us Passover and the
prophets to show us how to return. The promise of our Messiah's blood to cleanse us and the breathe of His Holy Spirit to dwell in
us and make us complete.
The next decision you should make is do you believe the Bible is HOLY?Are the Baptists right when they declare,"That every word in
the Bible is true or every word is false?"Did not our Messiah say,"That my sheep know My voice,and that they would not follow or
listen to some other voice?"Did He not say that there were going to be tares planted amongst the wheat?That there were going to
become many claiming to be the Messiah or His Apostles?That just because they claim it that we should not follow
them?Decisions...and more decisions to make.
How many different voices are there in this world claiming to be the Messiah or His apostles?Are there not a 1001 different
"Christian Churches"?All declaring 1001 different Messiah's?How can this be?Did our Messiah come to make us all ONE ?
Decisions...and more decisions. What church should I join? Should I join a church at all?
So many voices....So many different brands of "Christianity" to choose from.
Our Messiah said,"If I don't go(Crucified on the cross),you will not be able to have the  comforter or Holy Spirit ."So one of the most
important reasons for our Messiah birth,death,and resurrection was so that we could receive His Holy Spirit !!!Certainly then we
would know His voice!!! Earlier I said a good starting point was Genesis 2:7 The Messiah formed man from the dust of the earth
and then He breathed life into his nostrils and he became a living soul. John 20:20-22 says the Messiah breathed on them and
said,receive the Holy Spirit,whosoever sins yea remit so are they remitted...Have faith in this account it reflects Genesis 2:7.There is
a different voice from Luke, that says in Acts 2:1-4,  Cloven(FORKED)tongues of flame ascend on them and they begin speaking in
foreign tongues. This account is from a man that never seen the Messiah or heard Him speak. Why did the early church grant this
man Gospel authority? Was there a warning that the devil was going to attempt to confuse our Messiah's life, death, and
resurrection? Daniel 7 :25  Says the 4th beast (Roman Empire) well speak great words (BLASPHEMIES) against the Most High,
well persecute the saints(Crucify and feed to lions and gladiators),Then they shall SEEK to change time( Take us off new moons
and give us the Julian(Ceasar) calendar) and the Laws ( By Rome sending Luke and Paul to preach a different Gospel than the true
disciples) and then they shall be given into their hand for a time and...Why can't people see that Acts contradicts the Gospel of John
about the filling of the Holy Spirit?That the Gospel of Luke also contradicts Matthew and Mark about the two thieves crucified with
Messiah .They both say that they blasphemed our Messiah,set their teeth against Him,mocked Him along with the scribes. Luke
says something entirely different and is where Catholic Absolution comes from. Later Luke introduces his boss and patient Paul on
his way to Damascus. Paul takes over from that point on. He says he doesn't want to brag and that he is no LESS than those "super
Apostles"(Matthew,Mark,and John),but goes on to list all the reasons some people say that he is the greatest figure in the New
Testament!!!! Even greater than the Messiah!!!! What !?! Yes,to those who listen to him and not the voice of our Messiah. Paul thinks
he can correct what our Messiah said!!!That our Messiah was mistaken or didn't mean what He said in Matthew 5:17-22.Do NOT
think that I have come to do away with the laws or the prophets.........Not the smallest letter(Jot)or the smallest word(Tittle)shall pass
away from the laws  until the heaven and the earth pass away and all is accomplished. Have the heaven and earth passed
away?No,and either have the laws!!!! Paul says the curse of the law and the lawgiver Himself is accursed!!! He says the law was
nailed to the cross and died!!!!That we are not under the law but grace!!! That the laws were only good for death,and no one can
keep them !!! That they are a grievous burden that no one can keep!!! Honor your mom and dad are to grievous to keep? 1John 5:3
For this is the love of our Messiah,that we keep His commandments and they are not grievous(burdensome).Was the LAWS and
Commandments resurrected because they were found to be perfect without spot or blemish?Paul speaks of the Laws death but
not Its resurrection!!! Paul ignores the Psalms and all their praise and glory of the laws. How the laws are a refuge from every storm.
The ROCK to stand on and to build!!!!! Paul is like the murmurers in the wilderness that got bit by snakes. We have entered unto a
covenant of death(The laws and commandments).Why can't all the churches and "Christians"see that Paul hates our Messiah who
is the Word(Laws and Commandments)made flesh!! After all it is only WORDS recorded in the Bible that we would know our
Messiah at all!!!His Words,His laws,and His commandments that we can build our faith and church on!!! When we have a decision
to make and we have any doubt at all as to what to decide. Isn't it good to have it spelled out for us in the old testament?What our
Messiah says is good for us,our families,and our society ! What will promote long life,health,and mercy !
King Constantine,Rome,and the Catholic church made sure we all understand how important it is to follow the right voice. They
gave all the " Christian" Churches the Nicene Creed. It was excepted by both the eastern and western Catholic church and every
"Christian" church in the world. Every Bible college says its students must swear to uphold this Creed.In it is the statement that we
believe in Paul and all His Apostles. Not that we believe in Matthew,Mark,or John. Not even that we believe in the Messiah. Secondly
that we state that their are 66 books in the Bible. Which again gives church approval to Luke,Acts,and Paul's other books. Why was it
so important?Most theologians throughout the centuries have doubted that the true Simon Peter wrote 1 and 2 Peter for many
reasons. 1 Peter speaks of submitting to your elders,the church,and officials. Honoring your King(Peter was killed for not honoring
the king).  2Peter goes on to say that though Paul's epistles are hard to understand make sure that you honor him and his long
suffering. The true disciple Peter did NOT write 1 and 2 Pater.
So many different people slapping Paul on the back and saying what a wonderful "Christian" brother he is!!! He is a murmurer
against our Messiah's laws and commandments!! The murmurers in the dessert said we have entered into a covenant of
death(Paul says the law is good only for death) and snakes were sent to bite them.  He is a liar !!! 1John 2:4 Says,"anyone who says
I know the Messiah and keeps NOT His commandments is a LIAR and the truth id not in him!!!!!!!!" Look at Acts 15:23-29.Its says we
gave you no such commandment...but if you keep these 4 things it will be well with you!! Eating food offered to Idols and sexual
immorality are commandments. Drinking blood and eating strangled foods are laws. So Luke and Paul in this so called Jerusalem
Decree throws away 8 of 10 commandments and 600 + Laws.
The Nicene Creed and 2Peter(Not written by the true Simon Peter)are all attempts to give Paul and Luke authority to preach a
different Gospel.A Gospel that takes "Christians"off of the ROCK(Laws,Commandments,and testimony of the Messiah).So that their
faith can have a foundation of sand(doctrines of men such as Luke and Paul). Matthew 13: 24-30 ; in these verses our Messiah
says that He gave ( Planted) us the truth ( Wheat) and an enemy at night gave (planted)  us LIES ( Tares). Our Messiah said to let
the truth and lies grow side by side( In the New Testament) until the harvest time. Then He would command His workmen to bundle
up the tares and throw them in the fire. I was commanded to start this work. Is it not the harvest time? Notice workmen is plural?
Don't expect your pastor to start doing this for you. You have an obligation to exercise your free will in a manner that well benefit all
your brothers and sisters,yea,and your mom. Decisions, I hope I have helped you to make good informed decisions. Eternity is at
stake. Matthew 15 : 9 and Mark 7 : 7-9 our Messiah warns us of putting aside the commandments of our Father to do the doctrines
of men( Such as Luke and Paul) and churches. Revelations 14 :12 and this is the patience of the saints, those th at keep the
commandments and testimony of our Messiah. The covenant had to be changed or the jews could keep doing the laws,deny the
messiah,and expect to go to heaven. The new covenant is just like the old covenant except that you must also believe and keep our
Messiah's testimony ( His words,life,death,and resurrection). The old was written in those stone tablets by the Messiah,Yehoshua.
The new is those words made flesh to fulfill the promise of His birth, testimony, death, and resurrection. Our Messiah is the
laws,commandments,feast days,ordinances,precepts,and Judgements made flesh !!!  Anyone who speaks against the laws and
commandments is speaking against the Messiah !!! I hope I shocked you enough to wake you up.

                                                        Pearl Jam's    "BLACK"
This song which has a Jim and an Oldham along with a bunch of To le do's at the end was inspired from my letter to Mrs Gairth and
the Superintendent of schools for Tennessee which I wrote in March or April of 1989.Mrs.Gairth was my step daughter,Catherine
Werner's,teacher in Clarksville, Tennessee. The live version of BLACK on his free radio broadcast is even more revealing.I sent this
letter also to news papers and TV stations.I personally gave this letter and others titled;To Senator Sasser, President Bush(senior,2
letters},Dear Mr Tkach,Editor of the Plain Truth for the Worldwide Church of God,To Congress,and others to Shannon a DJ at
WKDF in Nashville,TN. Two years earlier, On December 22,1987 I personally handed Shannon and sent copies to Governor Ned
McWherter,Govenor Celeste of Ohio(My home town is To le do,Newspapers and a TV station. Those letters were to Governor
Celeste(3),President Reagan(2),the state courthouse of Houston County Georgia,and To the people of homes(Which foretold the
drought of 1988,and the end of THE DROUGHT in the South,except for Georgia).The following is a condensed version of the letter to
Mrs Gairth and the Superintendent of schools in TN.

This is the beast that comes up from the Bottomless Pit in the 9th chapter of Revelations. It is petroleum the results of an unholy
union between the Sons of God(Angels) and the daughters of men in the first 4 verses of 6th chapter of Genesis(Do the
research,man walked with the dinosaurs). They were half Spirit and half flesh,they perished in the flood. Our Creator made ONE
covenant with Noah,do NOT consume the blood of an animal it is its life therein,it is Holy,it is the Lords. How much holier or
UNHOLIER a forbidden unholy union between Spirit and flesh? All earthly substances breakdown over time,but plastic doesn't
cause it is the spirit part of that unholy union. When you turn petroleum into gasoline it creates a by product plastic resin(At first the
oil companies buried tons of plastic until it started replacing glass,wool,carpets,steel,etc).An angel gave man the key to the
bottomless pit (The Industrial Revolution) and Drake opened the bottomless pit in 1859 in Titusville,PA. Smoke arose as from a
great fiery furnace and it darkened the sun and the moon( Ever been in Detroit on A hot hazy summer day?The sky is orange !
Where exactly is the sun?)The beast that ascended were like locusts( Over 1.4 trillion automobiles have already been
produced,what a plague).They were like horses arrayed for battle(Steel),and when they moved they made a great noise(Walls along
interstate highways are for the noise)!When I looked closer I seen the faces of men(through the windshields)!!! Take a ride in your
beast. You can drive from Canada to Chile on millions of miles of asphalt (going by millions of homes with fibreglass
shingles,plastic carpets,linoleum,etc).Passing by 10,000s of businesses in one way or another involved with petroleum or one of
its by products. Think of all the things  plastic a by-product of turning petroleum into gas ,diesel, kerosene,and jet fuel are made into.
Is the shirt or blouse your wearing plastic? Polyester clothes or nylon all from plastic. The diapers for your children? Are you eating
from plastic plates and bowls? Drinking from plastic glasses? How long would your list  of things in your home be? Of what your
home is made of? Shingles,carpets,linoleum,etc etc etc...The thought of this might give you a headache,so take a aspirin made
from petroleum or have a stiff drink also from petroleum(Unless its Jack Daniels or Johnny Morgan).You'd probably pass 1000's of
landfills(Mountains of plastic).When you expand plastic it creates a by product called freon or CFC's which have assaulted our
ozone layer but air conditioning while driving through desserts is so refreshing. Rub petroleum one way its vinegar another and its
pharmaceuticals !! Later in Revelations it says that it will give image to the beast so that it can talk!! Can you make a movie or record
sound without plastic? And to those that are wise,The beast that was(Dinosaurs)and is not(Because of the flood),and yet
is(because of petroleum the spiritual remains of an unholy union).Our Creator said,"He would let this afflict mankind for 5 months. 5
X 30(days in month)= 150(1859 + 150 = 2009.Sometime within the next few years the Industrial Revolution will come to an end. Will
it be a result of our Creator binding up the spirits,a giant solar flare, or nuclear war? Global warming is a result of not listening to
Our Heavenly Father.
To the people of HOMES
My letter to the people of homes(Huron,Ontario,Michigan,Erie,and Superior) should have been published. It ended a drought in the
South that was the worst in our history(1987 was the driest year in TN history,yet in the last week of that year within 4 days of giving it
to Shannon,on December 22,1987, and sending it to newspapers and elected officials the drought was declared over.The ground
wasn't frozen and all that water got into the aquifer.The next year at this time it was -15 degrees.The next few years farmers had
record bumper harvests.  On that same day I sent that letter to Jim Steel a DJ at WIOT in To le do. When I called him in late 1988.He
said immediately,"Holy Shit your letter!!!!!".National Geographic said,"The drought of 1988 was the worst national disaster to strike
the USA,and killed over 10,000 people from the heat."Yet,did you hear of this? Two years later I met with Senator Sasser's
representative in Clarksville,TN in the court house.I told her she was Senator Sasser. She said she wasn't.I again told her she was.
She again denied it. I said,"I am going to give you the originals of my letter to Senator Sasser and President Bush. If Senator Sasser
decides to do something about this,then anything I say to you is like speaking in his ear. She said,"In that respect I am Senator
Sasser,I am his representative". I replied,"Well,I'm Yehoshua. If the things written in these letters doesn't come to pass,don't worry
about it. But,if they do,you have spoken to Yehoshua, when you get back to your office please make copies and send them to me for
my records".It was the only time I gave out my handwritten originals. By the time I received my copies an early tropical storm Allison
was already on its way to the South.In that letter to Sasser,,I complained of the governments failure to make known the letter to the
people of homes. How  angry our Father was that it was buried just like they wish He had remained buried,and put plagues of
hail,floods,and whirlwinds on the South.A very chilling and scary letter.In the letter addressed to President Bush(Senior),I wrote that
Russia was on the meat hook ready to be carved up(More than One year before the Berlin wall came down!).

Governor Ned McWherter sent me a reply 2 years after receiving my letter to the people of homes and others I sent him on
December 22,1987,apologising for failing to acknowledge receipt of my packet of letters I sent him in late December of 1987.Of
course I have a copy. But,other than that all my attempts to show how our Messiah is stretching His arm out to wake this nation and
the world,my works have been placed under a bushel basket. Locked up,buried,and ignored. No one will even bother to ridicule or
explain them other than Dr Adams who wrote in my review for compensation from the Veterans Administration," ... long winded
tangential letters,which he has written to various people,which do seem to imply that the patient has the gift of prophecy."After
serving 7 years in the U.S. Army with an excellent service record,I filed a 1A0,conscientious objector. Instead of granting me this,I
was sent to Walter Reed Army Hospital in D.C.. I was followed around Clarksville,TN while wearing sackcloth(which I wore for over
3 years).Helicopters buzzed our house routinely,shaking everything off of our walls,even though warrant officers continuing phoned
in their tail numbers that lived around us. I could tell the color of their eyes they flew so low!!! My personal mail was opened !! Since,I
got no real reply from anyone in the USA,I sent copies of all my letters to the USSR,which resulted in an earthquake in Armenia that
killed over 40,000 people!

The people in Johnson County,Iowa should look up case# SRCR0066132 (Charge Eluding (SRMS). My defense was,Diplomatic
Immunity.I provided the review from Dr. Adams that implied I had the gift of prophecy. Prophets prophecy and included all my letters.
The people in Johnson County,Iowa should know why 12 tornadoes hit their county in ONE day. Why hail keeps smashing their
cars.I shook the dust off my shoes when I left Toledo,Ohio,Ohio,Clarksville,Tennessee,Tennessee,Johnson County,Iowa,and the
state of Iowa.

Click on the  "services" tab to see the prophecy in a court document about my prophecy sending hurricanes to Pat Robertson and
his church in Virginia Beach and a letter I sent to him at his church. Was it a Mt Carmel? Surely our Messiah would give to someone
He sent great works and signs. I have my copy of that court document with the courts stamp as to when it was received. Get in touch
with me and I'd be glad to send you copies of my letters or court documents.